Why You Seldom Hear From Me

I’ve decided I’m not a good blogger and probably never will be. I enjoy writing, but I can’t seem to motivate myself to write something every day to post to an unseen audience. Some days I do feel like I have something to say and share with others, but most days nothing particularly strikes me.

When I log in to Facebook I tend to look for people I know sharing personal stories and pictures, not simply forwarding something someone else created. I’m genuinely interested in what a lot of people I’ve meant along my journey through life are doing at the present. I avoid at all costs the political and religious name-calling and mud-slinging that seems to permeate an ever-increasing number of posts. I even finally un-friended some of those I consider the worst offenders.

I guess I’m just more old-fashioned than I’ve always thought I am, because when I have something to share I prefer to do it in an email either to a single person or a group of people for whom it might be relevant. I really have very little need or desire to share the details of my life or my thinking with the world at large.

And yet I write books, romance novels at that. In some ways it seems like there’s a bit of disconnect between the last two statements. I create stories that fictionalize real events and people from my life and merge them with others that I create in my mind. I research history, legends, and mythology from the areas in which I set my books and weave them together with items existing only in my own imagination into a modern day story. It continues to surprise me how much I like doing this.

I think probably each of us in our own way wants to make the world a better place. I’ve tried a variety of different things to accomplish that in my life to date. Some have had more success than others. Some have energized me, while others have simply worn me out. Right now I’m trying to do that by spinning tales that enable my readers to take a break from the day-to-day struggles in which they are enmeshed, and escape to an alternate reality where people genuinely care about each other and happiness ultimately wins out.

It’s difficult to remain optimistic in a world that feels like it’s losing hope. It’s hard to find the energy to keep struggling when you feel there is no purpose in doing so. I think that’s why so many people today are giving up the fight. They’ve lost faith in their dream for a better future. They settle for a life without dreams and remain unhappy. Some act out, often violently, and take innocent lives with them.

I’m definitely an idealist, and I hope I never lose that approach to life. Maybe through my books I can plant a seed of hope in a reader’s mind, and from there it will take root and flourish. Like I said earlier, we all try to do what we can in our own way to make the world a better place. For now, for me, writing books is the way I’m trying.

I truly hope 2016 is a year in which many of your dreams come true.

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