Thoughts of 9/11

Wow! In the book I’m currently working on (Healing Hayley), I’m writing about 9/11 and all that surrounded it. I just poured myself another glass of wine. It’s almost as if I wish to anesthetize myself from feeling it all again. The descriptions I have been reading on the Internet of people who experienced and/or survived the attack in NYC are powerful.

Susan and I were in Washington DC during 9/11, so we experienced it to a much lesser degree than those in NYC did. Still, I remember the disbelief and shock we went through that were followed by profound anger, frustration and grief. Because all flights were suspended, it took us several days to finally make our way out of the area and only then because my top tier membership in Hertz at the time enabled us to have a high enough priority to rent a car and make the drive back to Florida.

Writing about it is like living through it again. I hope I can adequately convey what it was like to my readers.

Just something I wanted to share with you on this Sunday evening.

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