The Secret Life of Your Taste Buds

I found that tapping into a passion of mine, that is writing, has me looking into all sorts of new and different corners of life.  I am finding that as I do research for my books I am constantly learning interesting things.

How often have you ever thought about your taste buds?  Did you know you could be “smell blind” which would alter the taste of different foods.  I found this interesting article, The Secret Life of Your Taste Buds, that I wanted to share.  

Below is an excerpt from Black Diamonds, set in Homer, Alaska.  I think the pizzas David and Meagan order will test some of the theories in the article.  What do you think?

“Carolyn and Jerry were just entering Finn’s when David and Meagan pulled up in front.  They were quickly seated and perused the menu.  Meagan commented on the eclectic mix of pizzas from which to choose.  They ordered the Spring and Summer Special (seared zucchini, roasted red peppers, crimini mushrooms on a three cheese pizza with organic red sauce) and a Blue Pear (garlic and olive oil sauce, gorgonzola, fresh mozzarella, pears and pine nuts) and agreed to all share.  They ordered a pitcher of Homer Brewing Company’s Broken Birch Bitter and headed upstairs to the solarium where they found a corner table with an amazing view of the bay and surroundings.  They settled in, raised their glasses in a silent toast, and the conversation started to flow.”

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