My Writing Life in Cuenca

Both Susan and I are busier than ever since our move to Cuenca early this year. I thought I’d share with you some of the activities I’m involved in that somehow correlate with writing.

One of the first groups I located after our move here was called Writing Our World: Cuenca. WOW is a group of writers and wannabe writers who meet twice monthly at the Magnolia Caffe to talk and discuss whatever topic is currently of interest to the group. There are three writers groups in Cuenca that meet regularly. WOW isn’t a critique group, it is more of a support group where we can gather and discuss items of importance to us related to writing. Sometimes we talk about writing issues, others we talk about marketing, whatever strikes us at the moment. Our members are an eclectic mix ranging from novelists, to non-fiction writers, to poets, to bloggers, to copy editors. In addition to being a valuable resource, it has also helped me meet a number of like-minded people since the move.

I’m also on a committee that is planning a writers conference in Cuenca in March of this year. It is something we hope will become an annual event. Most of the planning group are members of one of the three writing groups locally. Both Susan and I will be presenting workshops during the conference and it should be a lot of fun for all who attend. Visit the website by clicking HERE for more information and to register to attend.

Susan and I are also writing regularly for a new upbeat and positive community magazine that started this year. It is called Cuenca Expats Magazine. You can read the latest issue HERE. We knew David Johnson, the person who started it, before we even came to Ecuador. Susan writes the monthly Date Night articles and I help her. I also write periodic individual articles. They are planning to start a Spanish language version of the magazine in the near future and I am working with a young Ecuadorian lady named Samy Proaño, whom I met at the Talk & Learn Spanish/English language interchange sessions, to come up with appropriate topics and locate people to write them.

Yet another thing I’ve been doing with my writing skills is helping people we’ve met refine applications they are submitting for internships and graduate school. The applications need to be submitted in English and Spanish is the native language for the people. I helped Samy (mentioned earlier), a recent graduate in journalism from the university here, polish her application for an internship in Florida. I also assisted my landlord’s son, Vicente, who recently received a Fulbright Scholarship to obtain his PhD. in Hydraulic Engineering in the USA. I helped him refine his application and prepare for the exams as well as prepare his Statement of Purpose (SOP) and personal histories for the six universities to which he applied. To date he has been accepted by two of them and we’re waiting to hear on the others. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t get him the scholarship or the acceptance, it was Vicente’s skills and experience that did it. I simply helped him pollsh the English version of what he wrote. Regardless, it is humbling and gratifying to help. The skills and knowledge Vicente acquires will be put to good use when he returns to Ecuador and applies them to developing and maintaining sustainable water resources for the country.

Amazingly, I still find time to write, and am moving right along on Genevieve’s Gift, the first book in my upcoming Moonlight Series. Stay tuned for more information on this in another newsletter.


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Thanks for your help with this.

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