My new book, Appalachian Gold

I am excited to announce I finished my second book, Appalachian Gold.  In the fall of 2012 I was just beginning my first novel, Black Diamonds, when my wife, Susan, and I were sitting on our back deck admiring the fall colors while sipping a glass of white wine.  I noticed how the reflections of the reds, yellows and oranges reflected in the glass.  It was so beautiful I grabbed my camera and took this picture of the glass sitting on the railing.

 Over the next couple of months that picture kept peculating and finally a story evolved.  Below is the cover for Appalachian Gold.  It should be out by the third week in April, I will keep you posted.

Appalachian Gold takes place around the small Georgia mountain town of Blairsville and features several local people and businesses. Although the story is fiction, you will find woven throughout factual events that, hopefully, will be thought provoking.

What Adam Sanders inherits from a distant relative in Georgia launches him on a multi-pronged quest.  The Southern Appalachian Mountains provide a scenic backdrop for the journey that ensues. Using clues from the past to help guide him, he discovers a variety of secrets can be hidden in the earth.  His search for his roots and self-fulfillment sets him on a path where native legends and love become intertwined.  What he finds surprises even him.

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