June 2014 Newsletter

Panama – Here We Come!!!



We did it!  Susan and I won the contest sponsored by International Living.  On Memorial Day we were notified that we were among the top 3 finalists.  The next day we had an interview with staff from the magazine and submitted our written answers to questions they posed.  On May 29th we found out we won!

Our prize is airfare to Panama, four weeks accommodations, and a stipend of $1,500.  International Living estimates that an average couple can live comfortably for a month on $1,500 excluding rent, so we will find out if that’s true for us as well.  We plan to keep a blog about how we prepare for the trip as well as our experiences during it.  We will also write an article that may, if accepted, be included in a future edition of International Living Magazine.

We plan to make the trip sometime this fall.  Our house in Georgia is currently on the market and we hope to sell it before heading out and starting the next phase of our lives.


If you, or somebody you know, are interested in a beautiful home in the mountains of north Georgia, you can view pictures and see information by clicking HERE

In addition to thanking all of you for your support during the contest, we’d like to give a special shout out to two of the couples against whom we competed.  We became Facebook friends with David and Tracie Giesbrecht, as well as Al and Shelly McCullough, and they exhibited nothing but true sportsmanship and encouragement throughout the roller coaster ride we all went on.  We are only sorry there couldn’t have been three winners.  What a refreshing change this contest was from the negativity of the political contests during this election year.

Stay tuned for more about our Panama adventure!

Green Skies Update

I didn’t get Green Skies completed with all the time and effort Susan and I put into the contest, but I did make progress on it.  I’d estimate I’m close to ¾ of the way through it.  I’ll make a big push to get it finished in the next several weeks.

If you didn’t read it at the end of Blue Ice, you can get a look at the initial chapters of the final book in my Colors of Alaska trilogy by clicking on Green Skies preview.

What’s Next?

I’m going to take some time off before starting another book to focus my efforts on marketing to try and increase sales.

Once the trilogy is completed I will also begin thinking about the story line for my next book.  Suggestions?

J. Michael Herron


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