January 2014 Newsletter

Happy New Year!!

What a year this has been for me!  Not only did I cross an item off my bucket list by writing my first book, BLACK DIAMONDS, but I wrote two other books – APPALACHIAN GOLD and BLUE ICE  (just completed).

It has been an AWESOME year, and I want to thank all of you who have supported me over this past year and helped me pursue my dream of writing.


Aside from my focus on writing, 2013 ended up being a very busy year for us.

May found us on a cruise to Alaska where Susan took the picture that became the cover for Blue Ice which is above.  If you have never been on a cruise to Alaska I would highly recommend it; cruising College Fjord and Glacier Bay were simply spectacular.

In August, Susan and I took a five-week road trip and drove to California, where we attended her 50th and my 55th high school reunions.  In between the two reunions we drove up to Yosemite for several days, and just played tourist, including a spectacular hike up to Vernal Falls.  It is such beautiful country, and we hope to return sometime in the spring when the waterfalls are full.


On the drive to California we spent a day at the Grand Canyon.  There are no words or pictures to adequately describe the magnitude and beauty of the canyon as you stand on the rim and look down.  Unfortunately for us it had been raining heavily before we got there, so the Colorado River was a muddy brown instead of a green color.


If you haven’t already done so, I would appreciate your going to my Facebook Page and “liking me.”  Thank you, and as always, I look forward to hearing from you.



J. Michael Herron

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