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That night Alicia dreamed she was outdoors in a vast, open space. It was nighttime, and the sky was completely filled with stars. There was no moon, but she was still able to make out her surroundings clearly, in large part due to the bright, flickering starlight that reflected off of the wintry landscape.

She was dressed warmly, seemingly unaffected by the cold temperatures of the night air that enveloped her. She exhaled, and her breath was visible as a white vapor. She cautiously took a step. The top layer of the snow crackled, but her boots did not break through the icy crust. In spite of the frozen landscape, it felt to her as if she were walking on a giant sponge; the ground seemed to give way, silently absorbing each footstep.

She was completely alone and had no idea where she was, yet she was strangely unafraid. She thought she heard a noise in the distance and stopped, cocking her head and listening intently. She heard no further sounds, not even the wind, and resumed walking.

In the distance she could see the jagged silhouettes of mountains jutting up as if reaching skyward in a desperate attempt to escape the earth’s grasp. The twinkling starlight that bounced off of the snow-capped peaks served as a beacon, drawing her towards them.

There. She heard the noise again. She focused her attention in the direction from which she thought it had come. Finally she was able to make out the outline of a large bull caribou standing about a hundred yards in front of her. The animal stood still, watching her intently. Her hand immediately went to her chest, and she was reassured to feel the fox necklace she wore around her neck. The caribou remained motionless, staring at her as if waiting for her to make up her mind.

She walked towards him, and the caribou patiently waited. When she was only a few feet away, he turned and slowly began leading her in a different direction than the one in which she had originally been heading. As they moved across the barren landscape, the animal periodically looked back, making sure she continued to follow him, before resuming his steady pace.

Excerpt from Chapter 5


Alicia Scallan flees a devastating relationship in California looking for a new start in Homer, Alaska.  Content with being alone and pursuing her studies at a local college, her solitude is interrupted when she finds herself caught up in a mystical quest.

Forced into an alliance with a young man with an even more troubled background than hers, the two embark on a life-changing journey into Alaska’s interior.  With guidance from a Native American shaman, she learns what is really important in life must begin from within.

Green Skies is the final book in author J. Michael Herron’s Colors of Alaska trilogy.


This is the third of a trilogy written by J. Michael Herron. It wraps up a fascinating story of love, intrigue and mystical relationships in a veil of mystery. It is an easy to read story that is hard to put down. The author makes you feel like you are right there where the story unfolds through his research and personal knowledge or Alaska. All three books are a delight to read as a trilogy and also as individual books. You will be pleasantly delighted to have read this story. Would also make an excellent movie.  – Don W

Green Skies is an enjoyable conclusion to the author’s Colors of Alaska Trilogy. The reader is in suspense until the end wondering how the author is going to pull all the clues together for the well developed characters.  – Jean K

Green Skies is an exciting finish to the Colors of Alaska trilogy. I liked how the characters changed from one book to the next as the quest journey was passed from person to person. What a surprise ending when the mystery to the Alaskan puzzle was finally solved. J. Michael Herron’s research shows in his books with his facts, name places and events, making the story believable even to an Alaskan.  – Rosie W

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