Now – Get A Copy of Blue Ice for just $0.99

As part of my effort to make my books available to more readers at an affordable price, the month-long promotion on Amazon during January 2016 continues.

Beginning Saturday, January 9th, and continuing for a week, the price of the Kindle edition of Blue Ice, the second book in my Colors of Alaska Trilogy, will be reduced to $0.99 from it’s normal $3.99 price. This is the first time Blue Ice is being offered at a discounted price.

Beginning Saturday, January 16th the same will hold true for Green Skies, the final book in the series. Last, but not least, on January 23rd my standalone book, Appalachian Gold, will be reduced accordingly. Black Diamonds, the first book in the Colors of Alaska Trilogy is now back at its normal $3.99 price. Hopefully you were able to obtain a copy while the price was reduced.

This promotion enables readers to obtain Kindle copies of all four books for less than the normal price of a single book.

I’ll post a similar message with a link to the book being offered that week on the next two Saturdays of the promotion.

I hope you enjoy reading my books, and if you do, please take the time to post a review or share them with a friend.

And keep an eye out for Genevieve’s Gift, the first book in my upcoming Moonlight Series, which will be coming out sometime in Spring 2016.

To obtain your copy of Blue Ice at the reduced price, download it at

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