FINALLY, It’s Published!!!

Guarding Genny, Book 1 in my new Breaking Free Series, is now available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats.

 It’s been three years this month since I published a book. The last one was Green Skies, the final book in the Colors of Alaska Trilogy. I can’t believe how much time has gone by since then. My writing, like my life, has evolved considerably in the interim.
I now write in what I term the Romantic Suspense genre, with a touch of mysticism/fantasy thrown in. I try to portray love and intimacy in my characters’ relationships, while avoiding graphic sex. Being a hopeless romantic myself, I like a happily ever after ending, but it shouldn’t always be an easy road to get there.
Here’s the description on Amazon of what you can expect in Guarding Genny:

Suspense! Romance! Fantasy! Intrigue!

A plane crash killed Genny Stevens’ husband two years ago. Just as she gets her life back together and starts her own business, the insurance company claims the crash was no accident and demands their money back. Taylor Coleman, a private investigator hired to prove her husband’s innocence, finds himself trying to protect her and her two small children, because someone has a different plan for Genny – a plan that doesn’t include her staying alive.
The immediate attraction between Genny and Taylor is undeniable and love blossoms, creating a conflict for his role as PI and protector.
While hiking in the nearby Colorado Rockies, she encounters a mystical Native American shaman who claims he has been sent to help guide her on her journey.
Pitted against the resources of a billion-dollar-a-year corporation, and trying to straddle the worlds of mysticism and reality, Genny wonders if help from any source can possibly arrive in time.
Guarding Genny is Book 1 in J. Michael Herron’s Breaking Away Series. Set in the scenic beauty of the Colorado Rockies, it is his fifth novel and his initial foray into the romantic suspense genre.

* * * * * * * * * *

I truly hope you enjoy reading Guarding Genny and would greatly appreciate it if you would leave a review on Amazon after you finish it. Reviews are the lifeblood of an indie author and are invaluable in helping others decide which books to read.
Meanwhile, I’m continuing to work on the other books in the Breaking Away Series. I expect to publish the second book, Healing Hayley, in either August or September. It is mostly complete and awaiting final feedback from my reviewers while Susan designs the cover and I work on the description. I’m also busy writing Judging Jordan, the third book in the series. My goal is to complete it before the end of the year. Eventually, I’ll get around to Raising Rebecca, the fourth book. And here I thought I was retired!
As most of you who follow my newsletter already know, our eldest daughter passed away in May. After fourteen years of being cancer free, Sherry finally succumbed to the effects of the treatment she received.

A fictionalized version of Sherry’s story is told in Healing Hayley. It was a very difficult book for me to write, and I am truly grateful Sherry lived long enough to review my final draft and provide her feedback to help make the story seem more real to my readers. I shed a lot of tears during the writing of this book, even more as I finished editing it after Sherry’s death.

At 55 her life was just too short. A beautiful woman, inside and out. 

Susan and I returned to the US for several weeks to attend her services, followed by visiting family and friends. It was a difficult trip, with lots of tears as we shared memories of our daughter with others who knew and loved her. There were also a lot of smiles as we recalled the good times. Reconnecting with others was a vital and necessary part of our healing and grieving process, and we’re both doing much better now.

Our other daughter, Trish. Unfortunately our son, David, couldn’t make it to the funeral.

We were able to visit our granddaughter, Hillary in Logan, UT where she is going to school.

Then on to Portland, OR and what a joy to visit Susan’s 96 year old aunt, Georgia and her cousin, Dean.

While in Portland we were able to visit our “sort of adopted son”, Jamie, (behind Mike) and his family.

In Santa Barbara we visited Susan’s sister and her family.

We were also able to take a day and enjoy the beauty of Yosemite, a place where many memories were created with Sherry and a place that will always be dear to our hearts.

Later this year, Susan and I are going to take a break from our life in Cuenca and travel to Spain and Portugal. We are going to visit some friends who recently moved from Cuenca to Portugal, followed by exploring Barcelona, Spain. From there we’ll catch a transatlantic Princess Cruise that drops us off in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where we’ll do a little shopping before returning to Cuenca. We both enjoy sea days on cruises and hopefully I’ll even manage to get a little writing in. I’d better, if I’m going to meet my self-imposed deadlines.
If you are interested in purchasing a copy or reviewing Guarding Genny, please click HERE.
As always, thanks for your support.

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