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Thoughts of 9/11

Wow! In the book I’m currently working on (Healing Hayley), I’m writing about 9/11 and all that surrounded it. I just poured myself another glass of wine. It’s almost as if I wish to anesthetize myself from feeling it all again. The descriptions I have been reading on the Internet of people who experienced and/or survived the attack in NYC are powerful.

Susan and I were in Washington DC d...

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I’ve Finished Genevieve’s Gift

I don’t know how many of you who receive my newsletter also receive my Facebook posts, so please forgive me if you have already responded to another request in a different medium.

The good news I wanted to share is I have completed the initial draft of Genevieve’s Gift, Book 1 in my Moonlight Memories series. It is now out with my reviewers for their comments, edits and feedback...

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My Writing Life in Cuenca

Both Susan and I are busier than ever since our move to Cuenca early this year. I thought I’d share with you some of the activities I’m involved in that somehow correlate with writing.

One of the first groups I located after our move here was called Writing Our World: Cuenca...

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Now – Get A Copy of Blue Ice for just $0.99

As part of my effort to make my books available to more readers at an affordable price, the month-long promotion on Amazon during January 2016 continues.

Beginning Saturday, January 9th, and continuing for a week, the price of the Kindle edition of Blue Ice, the second book in my Colors of Alaska Trilogy, will be reduced to $0.99 from it’s normal $3.99 price. This is the first time Blue Ice i...

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Why You Seldom Hear From Me

I’ve decided I’m not a good blogger and probably never will be. I enjoy writing, but I can’t seem to motivate myself to write something every day to post to an unseen audience. Some days I do feel like I have something to say and share with others, but most days nothing particularly strikes me.

When I log in to Facebook I tend to look for people I know sharing personal stories and picture...

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Where Do You Get Your Characters?

Where do you get your characters is a question I hear frequently.  The short answer is I draw them from both life and my imagination.  In many instances my characters are composites, combining traits from real life people and ones that I create in my mind.

Take Barry Mitchell for example.  I first introduced him in Blue Ice as a troubled young man seeking help from a social services organiz...

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Help Send The Herrons to Panama

Hello out there,

My wife and I are trying to reach out to everyone we can, asking for your help.

We are one of the 20 finalists in a contest to win a dream test-drive retirement overseas in Coronado, Panama.

We created a video that was chosen by International Living as one of the finalists from all the entries submitted by people throughout the USA and Canada...

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The Best Way To Communicate With You

I’ve been struggling with the best way to communicate with you: my readers, fans and friends.  In the past I have tried to maintain an author’s website, author’s email address, Facebook page, Twitter account, monthly email newsletter, and a blog.  Each of these have been separate entities.  In all honesty, I sometimes didn’t know what was supposed to be posted where or when.

The last...

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Ah, Sweet Sorghum

Fall in the north Georgia mountains brings not only the beautiful red, orange and yellow leaves, it also brings the much welcome cooler weather and…The Sorghum Festival.

What is Sorghum you ask? Sweet sorghum is made from 100 percent pure, natural juice extracted from sorghum cane and has been produced in the United States since colonial days...

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On the Road Again…Home at last!

Is technology ready for prime time release?

“Mike, we have no internet access!”, Susan yelled from the office.

”Well, it’s electronic and you touched it” came my standard reply to her frequent complaints of her computer not working.

We had just gotten home from a 5-week road trip to California and had lots of emails to catch-up on, plus we were already late in sending out the blog...

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