Colors Of Alaska Trilogy

Three different women.

Three dissimilar backgrounds.

Three divergent paths leading each of them to Alaska.

One common goal — Leave unhappy pasts behind and forge new futures in the land known as the New Frontier.

Join them, in these three stand-alone novels, on their journeys to Alaska — a land where love and legends come to life.

Breaking Free Series

Three stand-alone novels tell the stories of twin girls and their older brother as each struggles to find their own way and create their own paths to happiness after growing up in a dysfunctional family. Forced to bond together as children, now each must independently overcome the challenges facing them as adults.

Appalachian Gold

Searching for love and legends in the North Georgia Mountains

An unexpected inheritance from a distant relative in Georgia launches Adam Sanders on a quest to find his roots and self-fulfillment. A chance encounter on a mountain trail with Jordana Lasher and her son Jeremiah sets him on a path where native love and legends become intertwined. Using clues from the past to guide them, they discover that a variety of secrets can be hidden in the earth. The Southern Appalachian Mountains provide a spectacular and scenic backdrop for their journey.

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