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Shawana lay on the bed.  She had appeared ancient the first time they met, but she had aged considerably since then.  She gestured for all of them to pull up chairs and sit beside her and then took Meagan’s hand in hers.

“So you have fulfilled the first part of the prophecy.  When I first saw you, I knew you were the one and that you would be successful.  When you found the heart by the river, I saw it happen in my mind.”

She shifted her gaze to David.

“And this is your salmon lover to whom you have given your heart.  In doing so, you returned his heart to him.  I also saw it when you rescued the young girl child from your sister the bear.”

Her attention moved to Diane.

“And you, what is your totem?”

“I thought it must be the wolf, but lately I’ve been finding myself being pulled by the beaver.”

“And what brings you here at this time?”

“Last night I dreamed I was here with you, but the reason I’m here in Alaska is to fulfill my own purpose by helping others discover theirs.”

As the words poured forth from her mouth, Diane was astonished to find they rang true.  She had intended to say she had come for Meagan’s wedding.

Shawana gave a slight nod of approval.

“You are both the wolf and the beaver.  You will require the power and assistance of both totems on your journey ahead.”

She sighed deeply as if trying to gather more energy before continuing.

“Now I must entrust the two of you with more of the prophecy, for it is your destiny to continue on the path without me from this point forward.”

Excerpt from Chapter 5


Diane Taylor is at a crossroads in her life when she takes a job in Homer, Alaska.  The decision she makes catapults her life in a completely new direction.  Taking up where her friend Meagan left off, she tries to separate fact from fiction as she struggles to fulfill the mystical quest she is assigned.  Someone, however, has a different plan for her future, while yet another desperately seeks assistance only she can provide.  Has she come this far in her search for happiness only to find what she really wants the most has been cruelly ripped from her grasp?

Blue Ice is the second book in the Colors of Alaska trilogy by author J. Michael Herron.  In the first book, Black Diamonds, he introduced us to the legends and love in the state we call The Last Frontier.


Extremely engaging.  Easy reading and the story moves along quickly; helped by an unusual cast of characters including the beloved ‘Diamond’.  A nice mix of learning, adventure, and romance. – Karen S

Blue Ice felt like getting together with old friends again.  Their adventures on the icy slopes of Alaska are intense and exciting, and you are right there with them every step of the way.  As in the first book, Black Diamonds, the beauty and grandeur of the Alaskan countryside and history also becomes a main character.  I am very much looking forward to the next book.  Readers will find this a “can’t put it down” type of read. – John M

This second book in the trilogy was extremely satisfying and entertaining.  It is a love affair not only between 2 souls but is filled with love for a magnificent place.  I loved the concept of starting over.  All of us should be so lucky to have friends and opportunities like those described in this book.  I can’t wait for the last in this series. – Billie P




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