Black Diamonds

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She was standing near a river, amid a scattering of pine trees set back a short way from the river’s bank.  Although it was the middle of the day the sky was dark as storm clouds moved rapidly overhead, propelled by the wind.  As she watched a raven flew towards her from the far side of the river.  It was carrying something in its talons although from the distance she couldn’t tell what it was.

A bolt of lightning lit up the sky and snaked its way down towards the ground, striking a large pine across the river.  The crack of thunder was instantaneous.  A wisp of smoke arose from the tree and small flames could be seen.

When she looked up again whatever the raven had been carrying was no longer visible.  The bird dove down to the shore and frantically flew in circles trying to locate its lost cargo.  After several unsuccessful attempts it flew directly towards her.  Its frenzied cry assaulted her ears as it circled her once and then flew back towards the shore.  When she didn’t move it repeated the process several times, each time amplifying its calls and its efforts.  Finally it flew off into the distance.

As the rain enveloped her she looked up to the sky.  She couldn’t tell if the wetness on her face was from the rain or the tears streaming down her cheeks.

Meagan awoke with a start.  She felt the dampness on her pillow and her face.  What a strange dream she thought to herself.  I wonder what it meant.  Glancing at the clock she saw it was only 4 am as she turned over and settled in to an uneasy sleep.

Excerpt from Chapter 2   


Meagan Turner’s cruise to Alaska takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself caught up in fulfilling a legend to reunite two Native American lovers.  The path she chooses leads her on a journey of self-discovery and exploration that tests both her courage and willingness to follow her own heart.  The town of Homer provides a scenic backdrop as this captivating tale of romance unfolds.

Black Diamonds is J. Michael Herron’s first novel and is the first book in his Colors of Alaska trilogy.  In it he creates an enchanting love story that skillfully weaves history and mythology into a modern day setting.  His descriptions of Alaska reflect his love for the state and will make those who have never been there want to make the trip.


The author has written a spellbinding love story that entwines modern adventure and romance with Alaskan native legends. – Rosie B

J. Michael Herron writes with a sure hand, beautifully describing the wonders of the Alaskan landscape and exploring mysterious stories from her past, bringing them into a modern light with characters with whom you fall in love. – Dondra L

Brings the Alaskan way of living to life and makes you feel you are a part of everything that happens with just the right amount of excitement and romance, – Stacey G




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