The Best Way To Communicate With You

I’ve been struggling with the best way to communicate with you: my readers, fans and friends.  In the past I have tried to maintain an author’s website, author’s email address, Facebook page, Twitter account, monthly email newsletter, and a blog.  Each of these have been separate entities.  In all honesty, I sometimes didn’t know what was supposed to be posted where or when.

The last thing I want to do as an author is be accused of pushing stuff out just to be pushing stuff out.  I prefer to communicate with you only when I have something I feel is worth sharing.  That said, I also want to make sure I meet any expectations or needs you have for information.

Susan and I have redesigned this, my author’s website, to make it more of a “one-stop shop” for people to go to for information.  In addition to giving it a different look and feel (consistent with my new business card and other marketing materials) we are integrating my blog into it and will post both current and archived copies of the newsletters that go out by email.

Here are my current thoughts on the best way to communicate with you.  I will maintain:

Author’s website – A single place where people can go to:

  • learn about me and my books;
  • purchase books (both on Amazon and autographed copies from me);
  • learn about events I will be attending as an author;
  • view current and past editions of my newsletter;
  • sign up to receive my newsletter via email;
  • read and respond to my blog; and,
  • offer comments on books or other information I have shared.

The website is designed to take advantage of SEO techniques to attract people to the site who are looking for books/information relevant to the subjects about which I write and who may have not heard of me.

Monthly email newsletter – A way of sharing things that are going on with Susan and me, particularly those directly related to my writing, books, our travels, and our lives in general.  Each month’s newsletter will be emailed directly to subscribers as well as posted/archived on my website.

Blog posts – A forum on my website for me to share things of personal importance to me, obtain feedback from you, and engage in a dialogue with you.  The blog will not be simply about my books, although something in one of my books might trigger the content for the post.  There will be no specific schedule for when blog posts are made, although I hope to get something out at least monthly.

Facebook – Personally, I’m not a big daily user of Facebook, but I see it as a quick and easy means of pushing information out, sharing pictures/information I think are of interest to you, and obtaining timely feedback.

Twitter – At this point in time I have not really used my Twitter account to any degree.  I would like to know if this is something of value to you.  If so, what is it you want to hear via Twitter and how is it different than these other communication vehicles?

Author’s email address – I use this to communicate privately on a one-on-one basis with you as appropriate.

I would very much appreciate any feedback on how you as a reader feel about this as a communication plan.  Does it meet your needs?  Is this how you would like to be updated about my books, writing and personal stuff?  Is it too much information?  Is it too little?  Is there something I’m missing that you’d like to know about?

Thanks in advance for any comments and thoughts you may choose to share.


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