April 2014 Newsletter

New Web Site Now up!

After a lot of learning and hard work (mostly by Susan), I am happy to announce that my new author’s web site is now up and running.  It was fun working with Pam Fink of The Lucey Group to get it looking the way we wanted.  I am really pleased with the look and feel of how it turned out and invite you to visit it by www.JMichaelHerron.Com

We will discontinue my separate blog and over time transfer its contents to the blog area contained in the new web site as part of our effort to create a one stop shop for people to visit and find out information about me and my books.

I would appreciate any comments or feedback you may have once you have had a chance to view it.

Dahlonega Literary Festival

On Saturday, March 8th, I attended the Dahlonega Literary Festival where I participated on a panel and had the opportunity to meet a number of other authors from the area.  It was a fun time, particularly talking with other aspiring writers about all that is involved in creating a book, self-publishing it, and then doing your own promotion.  I was surprised at how many authors who attended have still gone the traditional route with a publisher doing it for them.  The reviews on taking that path were definitely mixed.  After returning home I was contacted by a representative from the Augusta Literary Festival about attending their event in 2015, so I’ll keep you posted.

Update on Green Skies

Because of all that has been going on, other than spending time thinking about how I want the book to unfold, I have not done any additional work on Green Skies since my last newsletter.  I will need to devote a lot of time to writing this month, so I can complete it on schedule in May.

International Living Dream Test-Drive Retirement Overseas Contest  

Susan and I are making a video, which we will submit in the next few days to International Living Magazine to try and win a month-long trip to Coronado, Panama to explore all it has to offer as a place to retire and live.  When (I’m thinking positively) we are chosen as a semi-finalist we will get in touch with all of you to go to the contest site and vote for us.  Stay tuned!

J. Michael Herron

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