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Jordana Lasher stared at the computer screen as if by doing so she could will it to change.  Despite her efforts the bottom line in the spreadsheet she had created remained the same.  As near as she could calculate it she had approximately six more months before she would hit the wall.  Even if she cut her already meager expenditures for entertainment and recreation for her and her son Jeremiah back it would make no difference.  If nothing changed she would have to sell the vineyard at that point.  When that happened the dreams she and her husband had shared, and those of his parents before him, would vanish as if they never existed.  She didn’t know how she could stand for that to happen.

Intellectually she knew it wasn’t her fault.  But that didn’t make her feel any better.  And how was she supposed to tell Jeremiah that all the time and effort they had spent trying to make the vineyard become a reality were over.  Even worse, how would she explain that the only tangible thing left of his father would soon be gone because when the vineyard was sold they would have to find somewhere else to live.  If they could only manage to hold on for another two years she could make it work but figures didn’t lie and there was no way to last that long.  Besides, once the first harvest finally did come in their expenses would have to increase significantly when they at last began the actual winemaking process.  Sighing, she again thought back to how she had reached this point.

Excerpt from Chapter 5


What Adam Sanders inherits from a distant relative in Georgia launches him on a multi-pronged quest.  The Southern Appalachian Mountains provide a scenic backdrop for the journey that ensues.  Using clues from the past to help guide him, he discovers a variety of secrets can be hidden in the earth.  His search for his roots and self-fulfillment sets him on a path where native legends and reality become intertwined.  Along the way he learns valuable lessons about life and love, but what he eventually finds surprises even him.

Appalachian Gold is the second novel by author J. Michael Herron.  It takes place in the picturesque mountains of Georgia where he and his wife Susan currently live.


A great read.  Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down.  Just enough history and legend provided to carry the intrigue throughout the whole story. – Patty M

A fascinating blend of history, legend, and love set in the modern day mountains of Georgia.  Makes you want to go there, and then go there again. – Joe S

Very delightful story of intertwining lives that includes modern day romance, history, and mythology.  Easy and fun reading as the lives and stories of the characters grow and develop.  This book is hard to put down, and you will enjoy the story as it is set in easily recognized locations. – Don T


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