Appalachian Gold is now on Amazon

Last week I mentioned I finished my second book, Appalachian Gold.  I am pleased to announce it was published on April 8th and is now available through Amazon.

Appalachian Gold takes place around the small Georgia mountain town of Blairsville and features several local people and businesses. Although the story is fiction, you will find woven throughout factual events that, hopefully, will be thought provoking.

A couple of weeks ago we met two young ladies on Facebook, who live in the “Atlanta” area.  After some communication back and forth we were able to come up with a date we could meet in person.  That happened Saturday so we met at The Crimson Moon in Dahlonega.  We had a delightful lunch and a couple hours of getting to know each other and sharing ideas.  It was quite invigorating to meet with like-minded people knowing we are all after the same goal and knowing there is a support group we can turn to.

 Nikki Wyatt, Susan Blackmon, Susan and Mike Herron

Nikki (Nicole Renee Wyatt)’s book, Butterflies Are Free?, can be purchased through Amazon.  In fact, her book will be given away free for the Kindle April 11th – 13th.

Susan Blackmon’s book, Savaged Love:  A historical novel of Key West 1828-1829 and can be purchased through Amazon.

How do you like our t-shirts?  We had t-shirts and sweatshirts made with the Black Diamonds cover.  Now that Appalachian Gold is finished, we will start designing t-shirts and sweatshirts for it.

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