Here I am writing on our deck in the mountains of Georgia after I retired.

I’ve been an avid reader all of my life, often devouring four or five books a week, so I guess it’s only fitting I finally tried my hand at authoring one. Writing a novel had always been one of my bucket-list items, but it wasn’t until I retired that I finally managed to make the time to actually get it done.

My reading is mostly fiction in my quest to escape the day-to-day grind and reality. Subjects comprise an eclectic mix that includes mysteries, suspense, fantasy, thrillers, sci-fi, romance and just about anything that crosses my path. I don’t read a lot of horror or any erotica. I periodically read non-fiction, particularly memoirs and biographies.

I thought I would write thrillers or mysteries, since I used to read so many of them during my working years. In fact, I started one in 1996 but never finished it. Imagine my surprise when my first book, Black Diamonds, turned out to be romance with a little bit of mysticism thrown in. When I tried to figure out why, I realized I wanted to emphasize the positive aspects of life and offer people hope for a better future.

My writing has evolved into more of the romantic suspense genre, but I usually include a little bit of fantasy or mysticism to create a bit of a twist. I portray love and intimacy while avoiding graphic sex. I also try to avoid too much violence.

My biggest problem is finding time to write, because I’m so busy exploring everything around my new home in Cuenca, Ecuador. My life as an expat offers one stimulating experience after another.

I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them. And I’d really appreciate your leaving a review on Amazon after you’ve read them. You can also email me at if you’d care to share any feedback with me directly.

My wife, Susan, and me with some of the effigies that are traditionally burned on New Year’s Eve in Ecuador. Stuffing a list of all that was negative during the past year into the effigy before burning is a way of ridding your life of those negative things and getting ready to start the new year fresh.

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