2 Down & 2 To Go!!!

At last, Healing Hayley is finished. It took me awhile to finally complete it. Now it is out with my reviewers awaiting their feedback.

 As my writing has evolved, so has the genre in which I write. My first couple of books (Black Diamonds and Appalachian Gold) were primarily romance with a little bit of mythology/legend thrown in. With my newest series I find I’m moving more into the romantic suspense genre, still with a little bit of mythology/legend included.
My question is what do the covers say to you when you first see them? Do they spark your interest and make you want to learn more? What do you think the book is about from the cover?


My question is what do the covers say to you when you first see them? Do they spark your interest and make you want to learn more? What do you think the book is about from the cover?
Completing Healing Hayley means I’m now halfway through The Lassiters series. As you probably know, if you’ve followed my newsletters and Facebook posts, I’m not going to publish any of the books until I’m a lot further along with book three. Judging Jordan is mostly outlined and I have already written the first couple of chapters. I want to have additional books available for readers once they begin the series.
I made a marketing mistake when I released Black Diamonds, the first book in the Colors of Alaska series. I offered it free for five days to stimulate interest and nearly 10,000 copies were downloaded. Unfortunately, since I had no other books out, there was nothing for anyone to read next. Slowly but surely I’m learning.

To date, I haven’t been successful in garnering many reviews for my books. As I get closer to releasing the first couple of books in The Lassiters series, I’ll send another newsletter out soliciting people to read pre-release copies of the books in exchange for an honest review. I’ll alert you when each book is going to be published so you can then log onto Amazon and post a review within the first few days of them being available.
If you have already read the books I have published, and have not yet reviewed them, I would very much appreciate you doing so as reviews are the single best marketing tool available for self-published authors.
I’m a voracious reader, often devouring five to six books per week. I don’t know how you decide which books to download and buy, given all the choices available nowadays, but I’ll tell you how I do it.
I first look at the cover and title to see if it captures my interest. I immediately disregard covers featuring mostly naked people or ones for which I cannot make out the wording. If the cover doesn’t attract me, I don’t move past that stage.
Next, I look at the genre to see if it is one in which I’m interested. I usually only move out of the genres in which I write if it is either an author I know personally or there is something else unique which attracts me.
I then read the book description. Does it make me want to read more? If so, I move on to reviews. I’m not looking for all 5-star reviews, but I do want to see more positive then negative. If it’s described as steamy or erotic I’ll pass on it, I already know which parts go where of the human anatomy. I’m not a prude, but I prefer books that create an intimate atmosphere between my characters and allow me to use my own imagination rather than providing graphic details.
If I’m still undecided I’ll take a look inside the book with Amazon’s preview feature. If I find a lot of grammatical errors and typos, or if the writing style is not to my liking, I’ll usually stop there. If I like everything so far, I’ll most likely give it a try and download it.
That said, if it’s an author that is unknown to me, rarely will I download it unless it’s either $0.99 or free. There are just too many new books available to try. But here’s the kicker. If I like the book after reading it, I’ll normally purchase the rest of the books in the series or try other books by the author. The maximum I’ll usually spend per book tops out at $4.99. Most are in the $1.99 to $3.99 range.
Based on my personal buying habits, which I’m sure are not unique, I’m debating making the first book in each of my series (Black Diamonds in the Colors of Alaska series and Guarding Genny in The Lassiters series) either permanently free or priced at $0.99 as a means of enticing others to read the remaining books in each series.
So I guess I’m curious how you decide which books to read. Would the strategy I outlined entice you? If you’re willing to share anything about your process for selecting books, I’d appreciate hearing it as it could help me reach a broader audience.
Before I sign off this month, I wanted to provide a little update on my health issues described in the last newsletter. I went in last Friday to have my heart cardioverted (shocked) back into rhythm after having an irregular heartbeat for nearly four months. I’m happy to say everything went well, my normal sinus rhythm has been restored, and there were no signs of a blood clot or clogged artery contributing to my mini-stroke. Hopefully my heartbeat will stay that way for the foreseeable future as I have a lot more energy to write and enjoy life when my heart is cooperating.
Thanks to all of you who contacted me and offered your best wishes and prayers. I very much appreciated them and I know they helped.
Until next time.

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